About Us

 I grew up in a bike shop way back in the 1970's. When I wasn't riding my motocross bike, I was out in my Dad's shop working on bikes. I soon developed a deep love for motorcycles. One day we were taking a bunch of old bike parts to the scrap yard, and I was thinking that right now somewhere out there someone could really use this cam shaft, and here we are throwing it on the scrap pile. While restoring more than my share of old Honda and Yamaha motorcycles over the years and searching high and low for those almost impossible to find parts, I can't tell you how many times I thought of the parts we took to the scrap yard back in the day.  

Well, fast forward 20 years into the future and along comes the internet. With it comes a famed auction site making it possible to find many of those parts. Finally, these parts weren't going to be thrown away; they would become available and I could keep my vintage bikes on the road. Well, before too long, anyone with an old bike and a pair of vise grips was ripping bikes apart in the backyard and putting them up for auction in the pursuit of a quick buck. Broken stuff, misrepresented items, parts damaged when being removed from the bike, parts that looked like they had been stored in a bucket outside, incorrect listings, blurry photos and vague descriptions, the list goes on and on.. I knew there had to be a better way..

 Here at 5th gear we are all about the bikes. We are not a chop shop tearing apart old bikes in the pursuit of a quick buck; we're here for the long haul. 5th gear is an established business. While many sellers on the internet sell you a part and hope they never hear from you again, we want your repeat business. All of our parts are carefully cleaned and assessed. Then they are listed on our website with clear pictures in an easy to use format. We even cross reference models and OEM part numbers. At 5th Gear you can get the right part the first time so you can spend less time on the internet and more time on your bike. 



                                                                                                           Don Howland