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1985 Honda CB450 Nighthawk Fuel Valve Petcock

1985 Honda CB450 Nighthawk Fuel Valve Petcock

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FUEL VALVE - OEM HONDA PART # 16950-MC9-830 replaces 16950-MA1-732 16950-MA1-731, 16950-MA1-003 This was taken from a 1985 Honda CB450 SC with 23 K on the odometer. This may need new seals SOLD AS IS


HONDA MODELS FIT 8 CB450SC-F 1985 450 Nighthawk CB450SC-G 1986 450 Nighthawk FT500-C 1982 FT500 Ascot FT500-D 1983 FT500 Ascot GL500-B 1981 GL500 Silver Wing GL500-C 1982 GL500 Silver Wing GL500I-B 1981 GL500I Silver Wing Interstate GL500I-C 1982 GL500I Silver Wing Interstate To cb450 gl500 ft500 

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